Dingdong Dantes vs Marian Rivera Wedding December 30 2015 Mp3 Download

    Dingdong Dantes vs Marian Rivera Wedding December 30 2015

    Dingdong and Marian. Two names we hear, two faces we see so often. Two personalities brought together by show business, both then unaware that they would eventually be building a life outside of it. Beyond that were two souls, united by one prayer, one dream, one God. Two souls willing to jump cliffs for each other, regardless of height, of fear, as long as they had each other in sight, in hand. Two souls not just ready to brave a new journey, a new lifetime together, but also ready to love greatly, unconditionally. Dingdong and Marian, finally joining as one beautiful, blissful, blessed couple. As the New Year begins, Mayad presents the union of the royal couple of Philippine show business, Jose Sixto Dantes III (Dingdong Dantes) and Marian Gracia (Marian Rivera): Two souls. One royal wedding. “I pray to the very God who put us together, that you and I should never part – in this lifetime or the next.” Tags : marian rivera,dingdong dantes,marian rivera wedding,marian rivera and dingdong dantes,dingdong...

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